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PAF Sales has been your high tech solution in the textile industry since 1995. We are the North American Distributors for BTSR International and Airbond Splicers with a sales and service location in Montreal Canada.. We offer a complete full circle of products for the general textile, geotextile and medical fabric and fiber industry.


Digital Automation

BTSR bar

BTSR has been the textile industry's standard since 1979. Offering the latest in yarn automation systems to monitor, track, & control your yarn & yarn process. BTSR is recognized for it's continued innovations and reliability and services textile manufacturers all over the world.

Automatic Bonding (splicing)

Airbond 3

Airbond’s technical team are true experts in the science of splicing. The company is committed to innovation, and its products are remarkably simple, reliable and effective. They have unique form and function, especially developed for use in the manufacture of all traditional and modern textiles.


Yarn Applications

PAF has years of experience automating all types of yarns & filaments. From copper wire to spandex, we cover the complete spectrum of textile industry products.

Textile Applications

We offer products for ALL areas of the textile industry. We have applications in the following areas of the textile market.

Service Area


Our service area includes the U.S., Canada, and Central America.





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