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Iridium - 3D Profile & Color Monitoring

The Iridium 3D profile & color monitoring system can analyze your yarn quality with incredible detail on multiple levels.

1. 3D PROFILE ANALYSIS - The sensor provides incredible resolution down to 5 microns (half a filament). The 3D profiler works with round or flat yarns, and is able to detect foreing fibers, as well as filament migration. Iridium works on all types of yarns and fibers and can detect any defect in the fiber. It is perfect for extrusion and other processes that require exact precision with fiber quality.

2. COLOR ANALYSIS - Iridium can also perform detailed color spectrum analysis on any yarn or filament. With the ability to analyze single & multi color yarns, the sensor can detect & prevent the slightest color & shade variation. Both single & multiply yarns can be monitored to identify contaminated fibers as well.

3. SPEED ANALYSIS - The speed of the yarn can be measured & tracked with the ability to set parameters around the speed of the yarn to prevent anomalies.

4. PRODUCTION MONITORING - For all our sensors, PC Link Web provides LIVE production tracking which can connect to our Network software, giving you automation at multiple levels. This cloud based system monitors & tracks all yarn stops, breaks, & doffs for showing production/waste in real time. It can also connect to any PC or smartphone to give you instant visibility of your production from anywhere in the world.

    Automated Stops & Alerts - BTSR's automated alert system makes the operator immediately aware of any problems & helps the operator quickly identify where the stop is located.

    24/7 Operator Management - BTSR let's you manage your employees when your not there. You can effectively monitor & track detailed performance data for every operator shift, & day.

    LIVE Production Status - Know your exact production, waste, & efficiencies 24/7. You can immediately react rather than waiting until the next day for production calculations. View from anywhere on your network or smart phone.


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Iridium Sensor Brochure

Brochure on the new 3D profile & color monitoring sensor.