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Tension Monitoring in Cable Twisting

The BTSR tension monitoring system, consisting of a touchscreen control terminal and TS55 series programmable sensors, represents the BTSR solution for tension measurement and monitoring of a yarn put under control in the course of a textile process.

This product has been designed for applications on yarn preparation processes, such as spiral covering, texturing, doubling, knit de knit winding machines, etc..., which, during the product processing, require an accurate control, aimed at the yarn quality. The accurate control is made possible by the use of TS55 (Tension Smart Scanning Sensor) device, capable of performing an exact measurement and analysis of the yarn tension.
High accuracy and repeatability are assured by the exclusive digital technology (Digital Signal Processor) developed by BTSR, based upon the use of a loading cell which converts the tension exerted by the yarn into a digital signal.

The Touch Matrix control terminal, combined with the TS55 devices installed along the process, provides several and advanced programming functions. You may program the rated tension of the yarn, as well as the maximum and minimum tensions, beyond which the position shall be stopped, thus allowing the control of multiple yarns through a single TS55 sensor, and signaling with utmost certainty and timeliness any lack or excess of filament. You may also detect the peak tension, which allows you to locate the detailed causes of sudden tension variations.

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