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IS4F - Stop Motion (closed end)

The IS4F sensor represents the latest BTSR innovation in electronic sensors design and development. IS4F features the BTSR closed eyelet bidimensional technology solution (BTSR Patent) for a perfect yarn motion control, thus making unnecessary the input yarn guide accessory. IS4F sensor is able to detect, thanks to the sophisticated BTSR control technique, the image variation of a moving yarn by indicating with absolute certainty the actual movement or stop status of the yarn. IS4F sensors are fully programmable for an easy adapting to the control of any kind of yarn applications, with important boundary programmable functions, like parameters of control, sensor sensitivity and delay time. An innovative light interference software filtering makes it immune from light influence.

The installation of this advanced technological solution is able to eliminate at least 80% of the waste and seconds quality that would normally occur during production, additionally it will drastically reduce needle breakage and machines stoppages, allowing a rapid payback time of the investment effected.

Thanks to patented control technologies and to the use of last generation materials, the BTSR sensors represent an exclusive solution on the market, featuring a dual mode operation: with or without yarn contact ('self-cleaning' and 'touch-less').

BTSR'S stop motion system offers multiple levels of visibility & tracking:

Automated Stops & Alerts - BTSR's automated alert system makes the operator immediately aware of any problems & helps the operator quickly identify where the stop is located.

24/7 Operator Management - BTSR let's you manage your employees when your not there. You can effectively monitor & track detailed performance data for every operator shift, & day.

LIVE Production Status - Know your exact production, waste, & efficiencies 24/7. You can immediately react rather than waiting until the next day for production calculations. View from anywhere on your network or smart phone.

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Flyer: Stop Motion IS4F

Brochure on the IS4F stop motion monitoring sensor.


Brochure: Stop Motion

Brochure on the full stop motion offering.