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PC Link Web - Network Monitoring Sotware

PC Link Web is the latest BTSR technology allowing advanced BTSR sensor programming & monitoring of the production line. Developed with Touch-screen and Multi-language technologies for user-friendly operation, PC Link Web is connected to with Wifi & Ethernet interface. The machine operator can easily download & upload indentification data, as well as program the sensor parameters

    • Compatible with BTSR APP EasyFeeder & Touch Matrix controller.

    • Easy & quick sensor identification thanks to the Automatic Numbering Procedure (BTSR Patent)

    • Real-time display of single working status.

    • Data collection & storage of anomalies detected by each single sensor.

    • Data Report with analysis of technical faults (number & type)

    • Maximum precision - possibility of programming the sensors technical features according to the type of yarn to be processed.

    • Absolute flexibility - possibility to quickly change the sensor technical features according to the yarn / process typology.

PRODUCTION TRACKING - For all our sensors, PC Link Web provides LIVE production tracking which can connect to our Network software, giving you automation at multiple levels. This cloud based system monitors & tracks all yarn stops, breaks, & doffs for showing production/waste in real time. It can also connect to any PC or smartphone to give you instant visibility of your production from anywhere in the world.

    Automated Stops & Alerts - BTSR's automated alert system makes the operator immediately aware of any problems & helps the operator quickly identify where the stop is located.

    24/7 Operator Management - BTSR let's you manage your employees when your not there. You can effectively monitor & track detailed performance data for every operator shift, & day.

    LIVE Production Status - Know your exact production, waste, & efficiencies 24/7. You can immediately react rather than waiting until the next day for production calculations. View from anywhere on your network or smart phone.

    Yarn Consumption Status - With any BTSR system that provides metering (MTC, MSC, Feeders), the TOUCH MATRIX will show LIVE running totals in Meters/Yards per package & total for every position, machine, & plant. It will calculate the amount of production & waste by exact length in real time.

Additional Info & Videos


Presentation: PC Link Web

Overview of the PC Link Web software.


Video: PC Link Web

Walk through of the PC Link production software. (does not have sound)