Coil Winding Feeder for Solenoids

CWF represents a revolutionary new generation Wire Constant Tension Feeding device, unique in terms of functionality and performance, capable of adjusting with utmost accuracy the tension of the finest wire range in coil winding processes. CWF ensures the highest coil winding quality and repeatability, thanks to BTSR 'Double Closed Loop' Technology guaranteeing the most accurate and precise wire tension control.

The advanced BTRS MOTOR TORQUE Control System detects and adjust wire imput feeding tension change, thus avoiding undesired wire stretches.

Tension Profiler Function (BTSR Patent) - possibility to program up to 3 different wire feeding tension values without any interface/connection to the coil winding machine or up to 4 different wire feeding tension values during winding cycle, utilizing two digital outputs.

Wire 'Storage and Release' capability (BTSR Patent) - able to manage sudden wire absorption or release during the working process and simultaneously keeping the wire feeding tension at the set value.

Fully programmable - easy parameter setting (Tension Profiler, % tolerances, ...) for diversified working conditions. A wide application range - A single device able to cover a wide wire tension and diameter range.


Additional Info & Videos

picture CWF Brochure

Information about the Coil Winding Feeder.


picture Video: CWF for Solenoids

Video of the CWF being used in different solenoid winding appications.