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     PAF Sales LLC was established in 1995 in the Triad of North Carolina as the North American distributor for BTSR International to supply the textile industry with innovative electronic components to monitor and control every phase of production of textile processes. We also have a sales and service location in Montreal Canada.

    In the beginning, BTSR created the first self-learn stop motion system for the sock and panty hose industry.  This quickly dominated both
the OEM and retrofit market internationally for many years.  After some years, they begin to evolve with other products and created a positive
feeder which again was the industry leader for constant tension control for thread and yarn delivery.  Branching further into the quality control
textile market with tension monitoring and quality denier monitoring, they lead the way in innovation. This is the main reason so many OEM
machine manufacturers have decided to use BTSR products integrated as the control and monitoring system of choice.
   Finally, to bring it all together, they have now developed complete plant monitoring where all BTSR products can be monitored from a single point that offer data and real time visualization plus control of all of your BTSR products from one platform. This makes BTSR your best choice for all your needs for machine efficiency.

    In addition, we have now complemented our line with a partnership with Airbond Splicers- Leaders in the area of splicing technology.

    We offer a complete full circle of products for the general textile, geotextile and medical fabric and fiber industry.


Scot Yates – General Manager
Jeff Patrick – Sales Manager
Omar Pengue – Canadian Sales and Service Manager
James Stubblefield – Technical Service Manager
Richard Margrave –Customer Service



PAF Sales

Scott Yates - General Manager Email: syates@pafllc.net

Jeff Patrick - Sales Manager Email: jpatrick@pafllc.net

Omar Pengue - Canadian Sales and Service Manager Email: omar.pengue@videotron.ca

James Stubblefield - Technical Service Manager Email: jstubblefield@pafllc.net

Hayden Fulp - Customer Service - Email: hfulp@pafllc.net

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